Thanks for visiting TBD Foods. My name is Terence Rogers and I'm chef/founder of TBD Foods, a fine dining service specializing in farm to table fare.

When I started in April 2014, all I had was a tax return, a plan for a food truck that I had dreamed up in college and a simple philosophy: that best and freshest ingredients make the best food. And that's how we got our name (as in To Be Decided) because we let the ingredients dictate the menu -- not vice versa.

I didn't always have this philosophy. I started cooking in college for the same reason most people do: to avoid the dining hall or going hungry. But soon after I started, I was hooked. I began to try different techniques and flavor combinations and slowly, I fell in love with cooking.

After I graduated, I got my first real taste of culinary world, working the line at wood-fired pizzeria in Killington, Vermont. I soon learned what it meant to cook for 300 people a night. At first it was struggle, but I loved it and slowly it became easier.

Cook Pierogis for a Wicked Local Pop-Up Dinner

Then I moved back to Boston, where I found a job at a food truck called The Dining Car (I still think I might've only gotten the job because I could drive stick). The Dining Car was like my culinary school and Naomi and David, the head chefs, were my professors. They taught me how to be a cook and I feel like they made me who I am as a chef, something I'll always be grateful for.

But it was at Bronwyn, working as a line cook that I truly saw the power of good ingredients cooked perfectly. One day for our staff meal we had a simple plate of sausages and mushrooms and everything clicked for me. I realized then, that it doesn't matter how fancy your meal is, or how complex. What matters, is finding the best ingredients and doing all the little stuff right, whether it's making the broth for sauces from scratch, or smoking the sea salt that goes atop a plate -- it all adds up.

Since starting TBD Foods back in 2014, Terence have moved out to the rocky mountains and currently resides in Denver, CO.  Cooking for folks all around the city and even into the mountains.  Terence also spent some time at Blue Hills at the Stone Barn in NY during the summer of 2017 working with some of the best chefs and cooks in the world to further his knowledge of cooking.  This never ending quest for culinary knowledge keeps us motivated and excited to share our passion with you.

Thank you all again,

Terence Rogers

Chef/ Owner