Plated Dinner Menu

*Add Beverage Pairing to Your Dinner Starting at $25/ person

Hor D’ouevres

Meat and Cheese Board

Smoked and Cold Seafood Platter

Crudite - seasonal roasted, smoked and grilled veggies, herb yogurt

Whipped Brie - bread crisp, speck, grilled apples

Pierogi - acorn squash, herbs, bacon, beet creme fraiche

Mushroom Pate - cheddar crisp, chives, aged duck

Bruschetta - kale and sunflower pesto, grilled vegetable, parm

Blini - smoked salmon, goat cheese mousse, beet caviar, dill

Lamb Lollipops - cucumber, tzatziki

Lamb Meatballs - mint pesto, feta, shallots

Bison Empanada- queso fresco, chilis

Short Rib Caramel - bbq glaze, potato chip cup

Coffee & Bone Marrow Custard- chiccoron, pickled cranberries

Prosciutto Wrapped Kohlrabi - taleggio, peach vinegar

Seared Foie Gras- pickled apple, torn brioche, black truffle

Pulled Pork Slider - carolina gold sauce, coleslaw

Fried Oyster Po Boy- grilled cabbage, remoulade, shallots

Smoked Mussels - spicy saffron broth

Scallop Ceviche - cucumber, strawberry (Summer)

Blowtorch Tuna - sushi rice, cucumber puree

Scallop - white chocolate, bacon, cherries

Smoked Trout - rye cracker, roe, mustard


Duck and Dumplings - duck broth, biscuit dumplings

Acorn Squash Soup - berber, saffron, herb oil, fried bread

Vichyssoise - potato and leek , bacon, herb croutons

Wild Game Stew - Braised Game, tomatoes, chilis

Duck Cassoulet - duck sausage, shredded leg, beans

Elk Pho - elk neck, rice noodles, lime, basil

Winter Vegetable Stew - sweet potatoes, cauliflower, kale, onions, mushrooms

Lobster and Corn Bisque - cornbread croutons

New England Clam Chowder - fresh clams, potatoes, uni, bacon


Mixed Greens - goat cheese, pickled shallots, crispy quinoa

Grilled Apple - dijon, cheddar crisp

Roasted Cauliflower- arugula, feta, pomegranate

Beet Salad - goat cheese, honey walnuts, truffle vin

Roasted Eggplant - buttermilk yogurt, za’atar, herbs

Farmers Market Salad - Grilled and Pickled Veggies, Saffron Yogurt, Seeds

Grilled Cabbage - house yogurt, smokey carrots, pickled shallots, fried kale, sunflower seeds

Handmade Pastas

Gnocchi - kale pesto, smoked mushrooms, pork belly, parm

Spelt Pappardelle - lamb ragout, smoked parm

Tortellini - carrot and ricotta, bone marrow sauce

Pasta Carbonara - spinach bucatini, parm, smoked egg, bacon

Linguini - peas, mushrooms, brown butter, kale

Wild Game Bolo - tagliatelle, bison, elk, venison, parm

Tortelloni in Brodo - prosciutto,taleggio, sausage meat

Seaweed Pasta - clams, mussels, lobster broth

Squid Ink Pasta - braised pork, lobster, summer corn

Steak Entrees

*For each steak choose 2 sides and 1 sauce

Elk Tenderloin

Bison Strip Steak

Beef Tenderloin

Flank Roulade

Tri - Tip

NY Strip


Bison Ribeye

Venison Saddle

Lamb Chops



Potato puree


Herb fingerlings

Potato Pave

Mashed Sweet Potatoes


Mushroom Risotto

Squash Risotto

Wild Rice Risotto

Squash and Farro Risotto

Roasted  veggies


Smoked potato puree

Smashed Potatoes

Seasonal Vegetable Hash

Smashed Cauliflower and Squash



Beet Demi Glace

Red Wine Demi

Cherry Demi Glace


Meat, Fish and Vegetarian Entrees

72- Hour Brisket - salsa verde, aspen moon roots polenta, mushrooms

Chicken and Carrots - carrot puree, roasted carrots , wild rice risotto

Duck and Mushrooms - mushroom risotto, roasted mushrooms, grilled onion sauce

Lamb Shoulder - popcorn grits, chili sauce, roasted vegetables

Wild Game Meatloaf - bison, elk, venison, smoked potato puree, stout gravy

Sausage Sampler - lamb sausage, wild game sausage, pork sausage, potatoes, sauerkraut

Lobster and Corn - corn puree, lobster tail, fingerlings, house made pork sausage

Lemon and Herb Halibut - seafood risotto, carrots, white wine pan sauce

Saffron Tilefish - tomato broth, mushrooms, black rice

Seared Scallops - mushroom risotto, roasted veggies

Coho Salmon - seasonal risotto, brussel sprouts, seasonal pesto

Garden Box - assortment of local vegetables smoked, roasted, pureed, grilled with vegan sausage


Flourless Chocolate Cake - spiced whipped cream, strawberries

Brûlée 2- Ways - Maple Vanilla + Pumpkin Spice

Apple Betty - buttermilk ice cream, bourbon + brown sugar syrup

Barley + Saffron Ice Cream - espresso crumble, dulce de leche

Chocolate and Snacks - chocolate and seaweed ice cream, caramel corn, pretzels, caramel

Budino - espresso cream, chocolate cookie crumble, whipped cream

Chiffon Cake - lavender whipped cream, fruit, cherry syrups

Carrot Cake

Sweet Potato Pie

Pecan Pie