I am sure your heard it recently, the coughs, sneezes, sniffles, consistent complaining of the cold and all things wintery.  Since mid-November temperatures have dropped and except for a number of days that one could count on one hand, refused to rise and turn to spring like the calendar told me was supposed to happen last week.  Instead were stuck with gray skies, bare trees, dirty snow piles, wind, and o ya the cold temps, did I mention that already?  

Pretty depressing right? Unfortunately this winter wasn’t the first and surely will not be the last that seems to be never ending.  It’s a fact of life we New Englanders will be forced to deal with, at least for a few months each year.

Forget trying to imagine yourself on a warm beach, because your not.  Stop trying to pretend like jogging outside when its -10 degrees gets you all jacked up, it doesn’t.  However, you may catch pneumonia if that’s your idea of a good time.  Instead embrace the cold, use it as an excuse to sit around all day, binge watch Netflix in the same clothes you slept in.  While your at it why not partake in one of my favorite winter time activities; make delicious soup.  Its easy, requires very little attention and really does the trick of warming the body and mind (not in that burning whiskey way either).

A certain soup seems to be all the craze at the moment and is becoming quite trendy.  From pops-up to burger buns ramen is all over the food world these days, yet the majority of people don’t realize how easy and simple ramen is to make, without a microwave.  I know, crazy talk over here.

Want to be warm and have your friends think your cool?

Follow the recipe below; grab a pair of chop sticks, a soupspoon, your favorite pair of pants with an elastic waistband and a few good Netflix documentaries to watch and you my friend are beating winter.  Stick back, relax, and enjoy the broth.

Homemade Ramen
Homemade Ramen

Chicken Ramen WITHOUT a Microwave


  •       Spare Chicken Parts (Bones, thighs, etc.)
  •       Carrots
  •       Onion
  •       Bay Leave
  •       Whole Black pepper corns


  •       Eggs
  •       Flour
  •       Salt and Pepper
  •       Butter
  •       Water

Soup Stuff

  •       A few tablespoons of Soy Sauce
  •       10 Red Thai Chili’s
  •       Shiitake Mushrooms
  •       Water Cress
  •       Quail Eggs (found at Asian Markets)

To make this a little more organized I am going to attach links on how to make the broth and noodles.  Both of these can be made days in advanced and stored in your fridge, be sure to coat the noodles in olive oil after you par boil them to help them keep.  The broth is the most time consuming step but the flavors from a homemade broth compared to broth found in a box makes it worth every moment.

Start with your Broth, recipe found here:

While that’s going starting rolling out your noodles, par boil (cook until just before done) and dump in ice water to stop the cooking process.  Recipe here.

You should still have some time before your broth is done to get your soup stuff ready.

  •       De stem mushrooms (stems can go into broth water if you want a more mushroomy taste) and julienne caps.
  •       Destem chili and cut into thin circles
  •       Pick, Dry and Chiffonade Watercress
  •       In a small pot bring water to boil, add chilies, mushrooms and quail eggs, boil for 4 minutes
  •       Shock quail eggs in cold water, strain chilies and mushrooms
  •       Make sure your broth is at its proper flavor, color and consistency with fat skimmed from the top and all bones, vegetables and herbs removed (pull any chicken meat that was attached to bones and toss back in broth)
  •       Season broth with Soy Sauce and Pepper
  •       Peal Quail Eggs and cut in half
  •       Add Noodles, Chilies, and Mushrooms to broth, give it a good mix
  •       Pout Broth into Bowls, Garnish with Quail Eggs and Watercress

Do all that and you got yourself a stew! Well soup actually but I just had to give props to Carl Weathers for semi inspiring this recipe.

Carl Weathers
Carl Weathers

It’s that easy! Its essential homemade chicken noodle soup with soy sauce and quail eggs.  Now go show your friends how trendy and hip you are, refuse to step foot in the outside world, plop down on your couch, grab a steaming bowl of this stuff and hold on a little longer.  Spring is on its way, and saldy once again you’ll have to shower and be social on weekends.  My advice enjoy the soup life while you can, we only get it for a few months of the year.