if your looking for a well polished piece of writing about like life of a chef, filled with inspiration, days foraging, creating custom chairs to fill the ambiance of our restaurant, the sweet moments of serenity when you pluck the perfectly ripe heirloom tomato, you may have come to the wrong place.

Or maybe note, maybe your looking for a genuine experience of the struggles of starting a food business. The long hours, the sleepless nights worried if you can pay rent the next month, the real struggle that comes along with starting a dream.

From this struggle we have learned along the way and maybe one day we will be that restaurant that can talk about how we sourced the perfect plate from a local pottery that fits our exact needs and willfully or not forgot to mention that each bowl cost $50 a piece. For now we will stick to a lean budget and trips to Ikea.

As you may have noticed by now with the sentence structure our tips will be more of a rant from the team at TBD Foods. Something unpolished and rough, simply because we don’t have the time to put out 3-5 articles a week that are edited with images and marketing material to go along with it. Nor is that really what we want to do. What we want to to share our experiences, our knowledge that come from the early days of starting a food business.

We will cover quick topics like essential kitchen equipment, simple recipes, rants about current trends, tips in tricks we learned along the way to help you explore cooking and become more excited about cooking out of your home. We were table to build a full scale personal chef and catering businesses starting out of a small apartment kitchen. What will you be able to accomplish out of your home?

Terence Rogers

TBD Foods

Chef/ Owner