TBD Foods strives to work with the best and freshest ingredients in the front range.  From local produce and meats (we even have a Yak guy) to sustainably raised seafood, our chefs know the importance quality ingredients go into any recipe.

Working with our clients we look to create a truly personalized menu to fit our guest taste.  Don’t like sea urchin, no problem. Tell us what you love and our chefs will find a way add it to your plate.  We are here to find out what you love about food and dining and provide that for you.


TBD Foods was started in 2014 with a dream and a tax return.  Our Chef/ Owner, Terence Rogers started hosting pop-up dinner parties out of his apartment in Somerville, MA with the hopes that this would one day turn into a food truck.  To Terence’s delight the dinners were a hit and he was starting to get hired out for private dinners and events. Deciding not to drop deep into dept TBD Foods began to focus more on the personal chef and catering aspects of the business, putting the food truck on hold.

After serving hundreds of guest in the Boston area, TBD Foods and our chef moved out to the rockies in 2016.  Luckily for denver TBD Foods has picked up were it left off, with a dream and a passion to serve delicious food.   With maybe a food truck, restaurant and farm down the line.