Utilizing local, sustainable food is at the core of our philosophy. Our focus on local foods starts with the Front Range’s local farmers, mushroom and micro green growers, and ranchers, who always provide the freshest ingredients. We recognize that a recipe is only as good as the quality of ingredients, so we frequent farmers markets to ensure that the best ingredients are being utilized.

Sustainability is practiced in our food preparation, food preservation, and the hiring and retainment of chefs and servers. We utilize every piece of an ingredient possible so that even the pieces that usually get tossed away flavor our stocks or starches. We have shelves in our kitchen devoted to fermentation and canning. We also pay our chefs and servers a livable wage and promote their skills so that they can continue to pursue their passion for food without being overworked and underpaid.

By utilizing local, sustainable food, we can create a truly personalized menu to match with our guests ideal experience. We appreciate having multiple conversations with our guests so that we can help them design a menu and event that is truly memorable.


TBD Foods was started in 2014 with a dream and a tax return.  Our Chef and Owner, Terence Rogers, started hosting pop-up dinner parties out of his apartment in Somerville, MA with the hopes that it would one day turn into a food truck. To Terence’s delight, the dinners were very popular and people started to hire him to cook at events and private dinners. As TBD Foods began to excel in the personal chef and catering world, Terence decided to follow his clients needs and put the food truck on hold. 

After serving hundreds of guests in the Boston area, TBD Foods and our chef moved to the Rockies in 2016 continuing the dream and a passion to serve delicious food. TBD Foods continues to provide guests in the Front Range with local farm-to-table meals for events ranging from an intimate dinner for two up to large 200 person weddings. In the future, Terence hopes that he will be able to fulfill his dream of owning a food truck, along with a restaurant and organic farm.

Our Chef

Terence Rogers is the chef and owner of TBD Foods. Terence has over 8 years of experience working in a variety of kitchens. From slinging pizzas in Vermont, working on food trucks in Boston and Denver, and cooking farm to table fine dining in Boston, New York, and Denver, Terence has had the opportunity to be mentored by award winning chefs and learn creative ways to serve unique dishes.

Chef Terence Rogers

Not always thinking food was his career, Terence attended Bridgewater State University and majored in economics, where he created his first business plan for a food truck. After graduating, Terence moved up to Vermont to be a ski bum. He stumbled upon a job in a local pizza shop and after 2 days on food prep, he was thrown onto the pizza line and was forever hooked on the chaos, complexity, and creativity of working in a kitchen.

When the ski season ended, Terence moved back to Boston and started working on The Dining Car food truck under chef David Harnik, who quickly become Terence’s culinary mentor and friend to this day. Terence’s passion for learning and fine dining led him to work at Bronwyn, rated one of the top 100 restaurants in the US in 2015; Tasting Counter, listed on the Best of Boston list in 2016; and Highland Kitchen.

After working 60 to 80 hours a week in kitchens for a few years, Terence realized that he needed more of a balance between work and spending time with his loved ones. Terence continued working in restaurants, but cut back his hours so that he could start TBD Foods in 2014. 

Since diving into the world of personal chef and catering, Terence has been able to share his love of cooking with thousands of people. Terence has continued to expand his knowledge on gastronomy, farm-to-table dining, sustainable food, and homemade doughs by staging at renown restaurants (most recently at Blue Hills Stone Barn in NY), building a network of local chefs, reading detailed cookbooks, and traveling to experience authentic foods.