TBD Foods is a Greater Boston area catering team.

TBD Foods provides locally sourced seasonal dishes prepared from scratch.  Supporting local farmers and local economies by providing the majority of our ingredients from farms and local purveyors.  We serve fine, high quality food in a comfortable atmosphere at reasonable prices.   We actively provide customer service engaging with dinners throughout an evening to ensure a memorable night, taking any suggestions and offering advice and knowledge of the food and where it is sourced.  We aim to provide a dining experience that draws us away from the fast paced day to day, to be present for one of our most basic needs, food. 

Our aspiration is to grow this business into a food truck, if you would like to help up reach that goal feel free to support us below.  We really appreciate it.

 At TBD Foods our passion is happiness, to us that means dirty napkins, full bellies, wine stained smiles and a night full of memories. Let us share our passion with you.

Terence Rogers

TBD Foods